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Play Academy opens it doors as Parent-Child play center offering classes and Birthday Party packages. 

Play Academy adds a drop off "camp" service allowing families to drop their children off for up to four hours at a time.

Play Academy becomes Play Academy Learning Center offering full day programs.  

Birthday Parties and Parent-Child Classes are discontinued.

Play Academy Learning Center expands from a capacity of 12 to 26.

Play Academy Learning Center expands to a capacity of 42.  Including one infant room, two toddler rooms, and one preschool room.  

Play Academy moves from 25 Riverside Avenue to 65 Riverside Avenue.  New classrooms are custom built for our school. Two new classrooms are set to open during the year.  Adding one additional infant room and one additional preschool room.

Play Academy opens an older infant room to help infants transition to the toddler room.   Three spaces open and four more are available for future expansion.

Play Academy opens a pre-k classroom for 4 & 5 year old children.   10 spaces open with room for 10 more spaces for future expansion.

Older infant room opens 4 additional spaces and is now fully open!

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History of Play Academy Learning Center